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Accessible Public Transport


The Oklahoma Mobility Institute collaborates with transportation providers, facilitates partnerships, and provides support to build an innovative transportation ecosystem across Oklahoma that provides each citizen with advanced mobility and connectivity through shared resources, funding opportunities, and interorganizational partnerships. 

OMI is Making

Oklahoma More Mobile



The mission of the Oklahoma Mobility Institute (OMI) is to help facilitate an unparalleled transportation ecosystem with advanced mobility connectivity through shared resources and interorganizational partnerships. We help support public transportation providers with resources to launch advanced mobility initiatives by utilizing our network of transit experts to seek funding opportunities that will strengthen community connectivity.




Teamwork: We commit to being a part of the solution advancing transportation.


Integrity: We bring top issues to the table, test assumptions, implement solutions, and we don't take these tasks lightly.

Commitment: Upholding values of being proactive in mobility needs.


   Reduce no-show rates for appointments to medical and social services.
   Ensure weekly food access options for each community.
   Provide grant support and application assistance to public transportation providers.
   Promote mobility coordination and coordinated use of federal transportation funding.



Founded in 2020 and established as a 501c3 non-profit organization, OMI is committed to helping build a future where mobility systems in Oklahoma can meet growing demand and ensure accessibility for everyone. A connected organization of the Oklahoma Transit Association, all OkTA members are also supporting members of the OMI. OkTA currently provides all executive management and administrative staffing for OMI at no additional costs, so all OMI-related funding is used for mobility efforts in Oklahoma. OMI is currently in the process of developing printed collateral and an independent website. The future website address is, and we expect it to be completed in early summer 2023.

Meet the Team Moving OMI

The Board of Directors is the administrative body of the OMI. They determine the policies of the organization within the limits of the OMI Bylaws and promote OMI's mission and operations.


Individuals interested in serving on OMI's Board of Directors or Committees can submit their information and qualifications via email to the OMI Office.


President: Marilyn Dillon, PhD

EMBARK Mobility Management/ADA Coordinator

Oklahoma City, OK

Vice President: Olivia Hook

ODOT Office of Mobility Management

Oklahoma City, OK

Secretary: Jason Huff

City of Norman

Norman, OK

Treasurer: Brent Roy

Creative Bus Sales, Inc

OTA Liaison: Ryan Landers

Lawton Area Transit System

Lawton, OK


Board Member: Becky Reynolds


Hugo, OK


Executive Director: Andrea Ball

(OMI Office Contact) 

Oklahoma Mobility Institute 

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